Cleanroom Equipment, Laboratory Furniture, and Advanced Metal Fabrication Solutions

We would like to introduce ourselves as a specialist manufacturing company engaged in the clean room equipment, laboratory furniture , clean room stainless steel furniture , Metal sheet cutting,  bending , powder coating , &  fabrication  service , Using the latest technology and design to ensure   the quality  of products to achieve the parameters required for respected  products .

We are equipped with state of the art manufacturing facilities like Laser cutting  machine , CNC Press Brake ,  latest welding machines  & Powder coating ,  We are highly experienced team having more than 20 years of experience from designs , production , to  quality control . Our motto is serving clients to their level of expectations. With the strong in-house manufacturing base for manufacturing complete clean room equipment’s, Air filters and sheet metal fabrication which further assist us to offer complete solutions to our clients at optimum prices and within time schedule.

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Our Machinery

Our latest hi-tech and innovative infrastructural facility likeCNC Laser cutting machine, CNC Press brake, Latest welding machine & Powder coating enables us to deliver premium quality products to our precious customers in a hassle free manner. Well-equipped with the latest machines, our spacious manufacturing department is operated by our brilliant team of professionals. Maxklean provides CNC laser cutting, CNC Bending service, Powder coating and sheet metal fabrication services of an unparalleled standard. We primarily work with MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUM, COPPER, BRASS, TITANIUM to provide bespoke CNC laser cutting service to meet individual clients’ requirements while following a strict schedule.

CNC Metal Bending

MAXKLEAN can cover all your MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUM-BENDING needs up to small thickness of 5-6mm. Our advanced equipment offers accurate forming, folding and rolling services to virtually eliminate any kind of distortion when the metal is under process. It comes with a variety of tools that give exceptional accuracy, repeat ability and quality control over a wide range of bend types and depths like 45, 90 bends, L-shapes, deep bending and radius bending.

Sustainability at the Core

We deliver a high level of productivity and repeatability. We use the best technology to manufacture a wide range of products, including automobiles, trucks, and appliance parts. The highly automated process allows for high dimensional accuracy and design flexibility. Hence, it is an essential part of manufacturing and processing processes. However, it can be a costly affair if you don't know how to use it properly.

Global Impact and Reach

With our best CNC bending services in Greater Noida, we can handle thin and thick materials and produce fast and efficient results. A CNC bending service in Sonipat uses top-quality machines and can produce accurate results. Whether the material is small or large, metal CNC forming is an excellent option for CNC Metal Bending Job Work in Greater Noida.

Vision for a Cleaner Future

There are several factors to consider when it comes to metal bending services. First, the thickness of the material should be at least six times its thickness, but a lower thickness is acceptable. Additionally, the bend radius should be between 0.8 and 2t. To determine what cargo is needed, use a bending force chart. The higher the cargo, the more difficult the bending process will be. This chart also allows you to calculate the required tonnage to fit the size of your project.

Cleanroom Garments and Personal Protective Equipment

Cleanroom Equipment, Laboratory Furniture

By following proper gowning procedures and utilizing appropriate cleanroom garments and PPE, personnel contribute to maintaining the high standards of cleanliness necessary for various industries like semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and more.



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